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product arrow ELC Lights and Sounds Activity Table

Price Rp 60,000
Rental Period

2w = Rp. 90.000,-

1m = Rp. 130.000,-

A sturdy action-packed play table with lights, sounds and activities for your child to explore.

Features and benefits:

- Activity table with a host of different games

- Flashing lights and funny sounds

- Comes with hammer to tap balls through holes

- Encourages standing

It is a bright, colorful toy center with a host of activities to delight your baby. Your child will love turning the knobs, pressing the spinner and watching the colorful balls race down the chutes. The flashing lights and funny sounds make it extra fun. The set includes 8 balls and a mini hammer to tap the balls through the holes. There's also a choice between loud or soft mode for energetic or quiet play.

Pulling themselves up to play the games on the Light and Sounds Activity Table helps your baby learn to stand with support, gaining confidence in their balance, and watching the balls come zipping down the chutes gives them plenty of practice at bending down and standing up again. Learning to turn the knobs, pull the lever and knock the balls with the hammer allows your baby to discover cause and effect, and helps develop their fine motor skills.

Suitable from 12 months